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MyV Resume Writing Services

Our consultants will optimise and transfrom your organisation or personal presentation to meet high level professional expectations

Professional Resume

Our consultants will review your target employment market, desired position / role or a specific job advertisement and develop a professional resume based on information you provide

Resume Inclusion

Well-presented professional profile, career objectives, skills and achievements, work experience, qualifications, accomplishments aspirations, focus and other interests

Professional Application Letter

Our consultant will create a cover letter thatis tailored and written in the same writing style as the resume

Powerful Content

Highlights the applicant’s relevant skills and experience, that is tailored for a specific job or a generic cover letter that can be adjusted to suit different positions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100 % Updates as Required

Simple Start Basic Info Required

Website design preferences may be presented on paper or by email including sketches,images and graphics

Web Design Guidance Provided Free of Charge

Web design guidance to ensure that preferences are fully considered and represented

Upon Completion Site Presented as Preferred

Upon completion of website design and development, the completed work will be presented by email, CD or by uploading it on a temporary website server for review

Website Launch After Satisfaction Confirmed

Once satisfied with the completed website design and development, it may be loaded onto a nominated website host server.

Peace of Mind

We have Subject Matter Experts that will do the work for your peace of mind.

Reliable Services

Unlimited adjustments if required until requirements are exceeded.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All requirements will be exceeded based on extensive knowledge base.

Minimal Financial Commitment

Our Consultants are hobbyist, love part time work and therefore cost of service is minimal.


Requirements may not be clear at the onset, we will adjust as new requirements are identified

Library of Knowledge

Our Consultants have Masters Degree (Maquarie University NSW) with sound experiences and expertise

Consultancy Services

Business Process Improvement eliminate time wasters

Review, analysis and improvement of workflow

Strategic Analysis looking at it from a different perspective

Competitive market analysis and opportunity maximisation

Technology Advancement a better way of doing it

Review of technologies, identify and recomend areas of improvement

Customer Outreach Analysis what do your customers think

Engagement of front end staff by reviewing work culture and practises, focusing on the impact to business continuity and overall image of the business.

Work Flow you may not need all that process and paper work

Streamlining workfow, leveraging on best and proven busness practises

Image Enhancement will they come back again or refer business to others?

Review of overall perception of the business by understadng and analysing customer preferences and past experiences