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in suppport of not-for-profit organisations. is about

Anything and everything we can think of. We're not really selling anything, just helping out not-for-profit orgs an at the same time sharing our thoughts, journeys ideas and many things that may be of interest to visitors. You're most welcome to email contributions, if you want to join and make a difference to anything and anyone.

Easy rider

We love to ride around and enjoy the road most travelled by weekend riders. On the new BMW R1200R, weekend crusing and site seeing are just too easy, too enjoyable but too short to enjoy. I will post a review of the R12002 shortly and will provide links to blogs. This bike is awesome and a lot tamer but zippier than the GS.

Travel Photo Summary

We try to emulate professional photographers by posting our own snap shot of the worlds we visit. No words required to share the intense feeling of enjoying the simplest and most common views and objects. Even flowers of weeds have thier fair share of beautiy.

Our Recent Journey

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The road less travelled is done so on a motorbike

the web less travelled or visited was not designed well with the need of visitors in mind.

About our web design service

MyValentino.Net specialises in the design and development of simple yet effective websites through the following services:

Simplified website creation process

1. Website design preferences may be presented to MyValentino.Net on on paper, including images and graphics, by email or over the phone.

2. Website design guidance is provided free of charge, this is to ensure that preferences are fully considered and represented.

3. Upon completion of website design and development, the completed work will be presented by email, CD or by uploading it on a temporary website server for review.

4. Once satisfied with the completed website design and development, it may be loaded onto a nominated website host server.

5. Guidance in selecting appropriate hosting arrangements, may also be provided free of charge. Please note that MyValentino.Netdoes not provide website hosting services.

6. MyValentino.Net provides ongoing website maintenance / management to ensure that your completed website constantly reflect your needs.

About MyValentino.Net

We are a group of web design hobbyists, conducting design and development after work, in transit to and from home. We excel in web design, development and deployemnt and have been doing great so far with plenty of potential to assist others.



Work Guarantee

All completed work are guaranteed for a period of 30 days. Completed sites may be amended as many times as necessary during this period to ensure that the website fully reflect requirements and preferences.

Comments / suggestions or requests for amendments during this period may be forwarded by email (after work hours only).

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